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  2. Командой проекта была добавлена возможность заказать собственный уникальный титул! Подробнее можете узнать в теме!
Проект NewDestiny приветствует тебя!
Открытие версии 1.5.5 состоялось 24 сентября!
Открытие версии 1.5.3 состоялось 6 мая!
У нас вы встретите множество уникальных нововведений, ознакомьтесь с описанием 1.5.3
и описанием 1.5.5,также
скачайте игровой клиент 1.5.3
или игровой клиент 1.5.5
Желаем удачи на просторах мира Destiny!

About NewDestiny 1.5.5

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  1. System Administrator

    System Administrator Команда форума Админ Проверенный игрок

    6 апр 2016
    Welcome to our server, read the description!
    The server will be open from November 5, 2016.

    • An International project with two servers (for CIS and English users) with cross-server event
    • Server version 1.5.5 Elysium (With Homestead System , Uncharted Paradise,Weekly Cross-server PvP Tournaments and weapons R17 of sixteen sky-high kings)
    • 6 races, 12 classes
    • Official balance of classes
    • The maximum level - 105
    • Rebirth - 2
    • The final card - S
    • Simple and interesting starting location
    • The final gear - actually the latest version
    • Rate on monsters: Experience x60, x100 Spirit, Yuan x5
    • Rate on quest: Experience x10, x30 Spirit, Yuan x4
    • We have the largest selection of styles for men and women, pets and flights, as well as unique hairstyle
    • For each link, you can enter a maximum of 2 windows with 1 ip
    At the start you expect:

    • After the starting area - you'll get the 60th level with "Wicked" cultivation
    • Maximum enlarge inventory
    • The maximum enlarged Bank
    • Maximum pets cage
    • World Atlas
    • Golden Idol on HP and MP
    • Gift set with a starting flight, weapons and armor for 10 days
    • Many new locations, dungeons
    • Many newly introduced elements, which you have not seen
    • New monsters and bosses with artificial intelligence
    • Game client high-quality design
    • Intelligent Server economy

    House building system
    In this project you'll have the opportunity to build your own house! Now everyone will have their own area. To open the House you need to earn 35,000 reputation and pass 79th respect. The amount of experience required to house pumping level is reduced, which will contribute to a more rapid collection of resources for new skills and weapons of Sixteen Aerie Kings

    New features for clans - the rulers of the major areas
    Clans who seized the main area on the Card Battles (areas 1 and 2 levels) will have access to their own location, with its own advantages and new features. Now the role of GvG has become even more important and clans will fight fiercely for each "piece of land".

    A new function - Robbery Dungeon
    This feature allows the absence of a proper amount of time to pass almost all the dungeons in just a minute and get a reward for them. Very handy thing for those who value their time!

    The ability to enchant and transport characteristics of Genie is added
    The game was added to the functionality of sharpening and transfering characteristics, now our favorite fairy will not only help us with all sorts of skills in combat, but also greatly enhance the characteristics of the character.

    New craft professions
    The game adds two new professions - "Master of Flights" and "Master of Pets".
    Now, you yourself will choose and create their means for flight and his hands grow loved riding pet!

    The good old 109 Dungeon is returned
    The game returned to the old 109 Dungeon. Dive into the old PW-good atmosphere, remember how difficult it was to pass them.

    A new hunting system
    Every day you can hunt all kinds of monsters in our ideal world and get a good reward. Most hunters will be rewarded for their efforts!

    Added functionality Premium Account
    Do you want to grow the fastest and spend less time on everyday chores? Then, this feature is for you!

    Gaming Event.

    New (Author game events of the project):

    Event - the Almighty Crystal:
    Monday 18:30 - 20:00 Moscow time

    Event - Battle for crystals:
    Tuesday 20: 30-22: 00 Moscow time timetable

    GvG timetable standard(According to 1.5.5)

    Invented by the developers:

    Uncharted Paradise
    Adapted reward for a comfortable game on our server.
    It reduced the number of resources for crafting R17 Weapons Sixteen sky-high kings

    The Tournament
    Adapted reward for a comfortable game on our server.
    It reduced the number of resources for crafting Weapons Sixteen Aerie Kings

    Heavenfall Temple
    Rate on the floor with the bosses - x2-3

    Quicksand Maze

    It reduced the number of resources for crafting Morai R1 and R8R2

    Nation Wars
    Place restrictions on the entrance - you need to perform 200 quests and have the status of not less than "Enlightened" or "Evil Spirit", as well as 1 rebirth.
    The number of zones is reduced.
    Revised pot of Coins dynasties.
    Reduced travel time for the gaming zones.

    Changed exchanger for "Heart of Blood".
    Actualized awards for "Purified Horn of Blood".

    Celestial Tigers
    The award Event Gold added.
    Reduced number of required mobs stage I in 2 times.
    Reduced three times the price of kraft.
    Added loot in the Celestial Tiger and Tiger Demon with a free reward in the form of exchange server - "Soul Shard".

    Clan Hall

    To open the Hall clan is required in addition to collect 1000 "Soul Shard"
    Rate on installment - x3.
    Rate on contribute - x3.
    Reduced demand payment for pumping building.
    For the contribution of resources give 2 times more material.
    Monsters level reduced to 120.
    Installed at the following rates the Clan Hall - x2.

    City dark beasts
    Falling object "Astral Orb" increased by 2 times.
    Changed exchanger for resources.

    Craftsmen Competition

    Adapted reward for a comfortable game on our server.

    Advisor of Inspiration
    NPC are standing all day long.

    The game has been removed event "Dragon King's palace" because of the low popularity.
    Time of the game's Event rest remained standard.

    Other changes in the gaming world:

    Daily quests from plate
    Everyone's favorite daily quest from plate has undergone a huge number of changes. Now, one part of the job will be held in a brand new location with new challenges and bosses. 2 Also part of the job has changed, other bosses will be used.

    For the passage second daily quest from plate you will receive [​IMG] Golden Hack for 45 minutes. With it you can dig Soul Crystal - Destiny currency server world.

    You can dig:
    - [​IMG] Newbie's gift
    - [​IMG] Soul Shard

    Game Auction (20:00)
    Game Auction updated and filled with really important thing now fight for the precious things will be even hotter!

    A good reward - [​IMG] Feral Soul Star - 40
    Luxury award - [​IMG] Feral Soul Star - 44
    The perfect reward - [​IMG] Feral Soul Star - 52

    Tattered Treasure Map
    Rate on x3 reputation.

    Temple of Twilight
    Rate on falling objects - x2.
    Removed trash from the bosses.
    To enter the party mode requires 2 people.
    Required material - "Ultimate Substance" was replaced by "Mirage Celestone".

    Quest - Nirvana Palace Key

    Requires 33 Nirvana Palace Key
    [​IMG] Uncanny Crystal - 15.
    [​IMG] Rapture Crystal - 5.
    15 event Gold.
    Rate on falling objects - x2.
    Rate on falling objects - x3.
    Now, with each box will only fall " Uncanny Crystal "
    To open will always require 4 persons, persons will not change!

    Rates prestige - x3.
    Rates on impact - x3.
    Price an item on the reputation increased in 2 times.

    Cube of Fate
    Changed list Kraft for the "Book Credit Card"

    15, 22, 31, 42 Room:
    [​IMG] Mysterious chip - 5 per slaughtered animal.

    50 Room:

    15kk experience.
    7kk yuan.
    15 Event gold.
    10 "Holy Pill " and "Mystical Pill ."

    51-60 Rooms:

    54 room, the award is 2kk yuan.
    55room, the award is 2kk / 4kk / 8kk yuan.
    60 room, the award is "Rotating Cog of Fate " x3 + 5 event Gold.

    Frostcovered City
    Increased detection rate of all mobs in the Frostcovered City.
    "Icicle" is given from 1-9 bosses - needed to upgrade equipment in the starting gear Gold Frostcovered City.
    From the "Chest of Sincerity" falls:
    30 "Mirage Celestone"
    20 " Mysterious chip "

    Valley of Reciprocity
    Cut of the game

    Hrono world
    Now Hrono world available from the start.

    The Lunar Glade
    Rate in the loss of resources - x2.
    Removed the possibility of farming resources for 3 Nirvana.

    Warsong City
    Increased the number of falling objects
    Drop with bosses following:
    [​IMG] Warsong Emblem
    [​IMG] Warsong Waistband Inscription
    [​IMG] Warsong Medal
    [​IMG] Mirage Celestone Pack (20)
    [​IMG] Dragon Blood Stone
    [​IMG] Lucky Coin
    [​IMG] Gold coin
    [​IMG] Wraith Marshal's Stamp
    [​IMG] Crown of Sochi

    Primal World
    Rate on Primordial Blood - x4.
    Rate on Barbaric Blood - x2.
    Rate all quests sky - x2.
    The world of people opening by 1 quest.
    For daily quests in the human world now you can get an avatar card C-B or C-A class.

    Flowsilver Palace
    The number of coins per quest increased by 2 times.
    The new citadel is given 60 pieces of silver.
    Changed exchanger for "Shiny Flowsilver Coin".

    Island ragged clouds
    Reduced the HP boss Nightspike Prince Tanso 2 times.
    [​IMG] ★★Sky Cover can be crafted with a chance of 50% and 100%.
    [​IMG] ★★Cloud Stir can be crafted with a chance of 50% and 100%.

    Fast 79, 89 dungeon
    Available characters 70-100 level.

    The requirement of 10 different stones to cultivation 89 are replaced by 10 "Mirage Celestone".

    Reward 89 Cultivation:
    Random treatise 1 level.
    500 reputation.
    20 event gold.

    Reward 89 Signs:

    75 reputation.
    5 event Gold.
    2 Box Frost Chest or Frost Case.

    Reward 99 Cultivation:
    2000 reputation.
    30 event Gold.

    Reward 99 Signs:
    200 reputation.
    10 event Gold.
    1 Golden Snake Blessing

    By the opening of the server the guide will be added
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