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Update 5-6

Тема в разделе "Game Updates", создана пользователем System Administrator, 20 ноя 2016.

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  1. System Administrator

    System Administrator Команда форума Админ Проверенный игрок

    6 апр 2016
    We are pleased to announce an update for you 5-6
    We continue to fix bugs You found, thanks for helping to make the server better!

    It includes changes to:
    1) Added a large number of files with future updates (in the future simplify the transition to the new version)
    2) In User Panel Shop added all Sky Pill
    3) Added a new Style from our beloved Nostalgia!
    4) Now, each player who successfully completed 2 Experience the Insane Alchemists will get a random Drawing for your home.
    5) Added purchase Avatar Card
    6) Added PVE\PVP Button

    7) On Archosaur added NPC Сoins collector for sharing Ancient coins.
    8) In a perfect world NewDestiny run a Great Marathon.
    For 20 days visiting various dungeons, daily quests - You will receive Ancient coins.
    Take these coins Сoins collector at Archosaur (528 649) and will receive reward for this.

    A great marathon to be 20 November to 9 Decebmer

    In order to participate - just need to pass the daily quest.

    A list of daily quests for which You will receive Ancient coins:

    1) Paperclip for Villa. You will receive 6 Ancient Coins a day.

    2) A Daily one-hour job in the fractions of Moray. For them, You will get 6 Ancient Coins a day.
    3) Magic Cube (room 50). Completing the cube You will receive 7 Ancient Coins a day.
    4) Tattered treasure map. For finding the treasure You will receive 4 Ancient Coins a day.
    5) Hunting for monsters (Dawnglory). During the passage of the jobs a Hunter You will receive 4-5 Ancient coins a day.
    6) Dailies from the plate 100+. For the passage of the second Jerzy You will receive 5 Ancient Coins a day.
    7) Flowsilver Palace, the final boss. For killing the final boss is a Tyrant, You will receive 15 Ancient Coins a day.

    Daily collecting Ancient Coins - You can exchange them for valuable prizes from a Сoins collector, located on the Archosaur (528 649).

    Prizes can be viewed in advance and decide for yourself what You want to save.

    Good luck to all the players of our wonderful world NDestiny. Easy farm You and the sea of positive emotions.
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